JLZD Auto Parts

Jinling Zhongde Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that independently develops and produces glzd brand auto suspension system products and control arms.

The company has professional technical personnel and management personnel with college degree or above to provide guarantee for the professionalism of the brand.

The company has advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, with high-quality raw materials, scientific and advanced technology, mature technology and strict quality testing system to ensure the stability of quality.


The steering and suspension components of the vehicle shall be used in the wheel control buckle mounting support system, and shall be linked to the road surface through the wheels. Therefore, these components are essential for driving safety.

Faults in the steering and suspension system will result in

1. The direction accuracy is affected and the steering is unstable

Cause: the ball joint is excessively worn, which makes it impossible to control the wheel direction accurately.

2. Reduced driving comfort and increased noise

Cause: the metal rubber sleeve is damaged, and the suspension parts have too much air travel.

3. Tires wear too fast, poor grip

Cause: inaccurate front wheel alignment and uneven tire wear.

4. Secondary damage, high additional repair cost

Cause, even minor faults can cause significant damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Refined processing of high quality materials

100% key dimension inspection

100% flaw detection test

100% dynamic balance detection

Our products have passed strict technical testing to ensure excellent safety and stability. We firmly believe that only high quality standards can ensure the performance of products.